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Rail Cutter

The Simplex Rail Cutter sets the industry standard for making precision 90-degree and parallel cuts. The rotary knife runs on an overhead rail system or a table mounted track system. Cutting accuracy is controlled to produce constantly superior straight square cuts!

Each Rail Cutter is custom designed to meet the specific needs of a customer defined parameter. Machines are built using:

The following table lists the cutting head configurations available

Motor RPM Machine RPM Durometer Range Blade Diameter Motor HP
3450 345 <60 7.5" .75
3450 345 <80 7.5" 1.5
3450 172.5 <85 7.5" 1.5
1750 87.5 <100 7.5" 1.5
3450 172.5 <70 12" 2.0
1750 87.5 <75 12" 2.0
3450 345 <65 12" 2.0

Standard features include:

  • coolant tank
  • blade sharpeners
  • knife guard
  • aluminum plate table surface with structural steel sub-frame

    Optional features typically include:

  • manual and pneumatic assist/operated material clamp
  • material positioning ram
  • digital readout for strip width
  • coolant recovery system
  • power feed system for cutter head travel
  • variable speed DC motor for cutter head
  • Stainless Steel or laminate covered table surface
  • precision linear bearings for rail/track

    Delivery and Pricing Information Quoted For Each Application

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