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A Simplex Machine for Every Need

Over the years, Simplex has developed a complete product line that is capable of meeting all of your commercial and industrial cutting requirements.

The current line of Simplex products is the result of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our machines. We realize that every one of our customers depends on the ability of their Simplex machine to perform accurately, safely and reliably. The advantages of a Simplex machine include:

RB Series

The Simplex RB Series of rotary slitters, which have been the backbone of the rubber industry, are capable of cutting materials up to 4" thick. These machines offer the user the flexibility of portable operation, allowing the machine to be rolled thru the material. In situations where a permanently mounted cutter is required, the RB Series can be easily mounting to a surface using the 4 countersunk holes in the base.

Angle Cutter

The Simplex Precision Angle Cutter can cut material up to one inch thick. This machine can be rolled along the material or the material can be fed into it manually. Cutting angle is adjustable from 45 to 90 degrees. Angle of the cut is repeatable to within one degree.

Rail Cutter

The Simplex Rail Cutter allows you to make precision 90 degree and parallel cuts. The rotary knife runs on an overhead rail or guided track system which is mounted to a table. The material must be loaded manually, but the cutting can be semi-automatic, making operation simple. Rail units available up to 84" and track systems up to 144".

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